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NetBSD packages

I've succesfully built libncurses packages using a combination of the 
source from the BSD ports tree and the Debian build scripts. I'm guessing 
that one of the alterations made to the build scripts by the Debian 
patches was what was causing me pain - I'll look into it more closely when 
I get back to Cambridge (they're sitting on my laptop at the moment, and 
my primary machine/ftp server has fallen over within a few hours of me 
leaving the place :( ). As far as I can tell, this pretty much leaves:

apt (should be trivial, I just haven't got round to it yet due to nothing 
else depending on it)
base-passwd (requires merging of various BSD bits)
console-tools/data (probably needs to be replaced by BSD analogues)
e2fsprogs (need to build an analogous ufsprogs package - does it need to 
provide: e2fsprogs?)
kernel-image (obviously needs to be packaged NetBSD code)
ldso (package NetBSD one)
libc6 (package NetBSD one)
libnewt (not looked at yet)
libpam (package netBSD version?)
libreadline (should be easy enough)
libstdc++ (NetBSD version)
login (not really looked at - NetBSD version?)
mount (NetBSD version)
netbase (merge NetBSD code?)
procps (NetBSD version)
sysvinit (need to decide what we're doing with this one - use BSD init and 
lose ability to switch runlevels, or port/write a System V style init)
util-linux (NetBSD analogues)
whiptail (not looked at)

So that's 15 more packages until we have a pretty complete base system. 
Most of these shouldn't be too difficult for anyone with any degree of 
packaging experience, with the compilation ones being the most awkward 
(the analogues of util-linux aren't all handily packaged together in *BSD 
- someone needs to pull them together and write semi-decent build 
scripts.) If nobody else has any sort of development setup up yet I'll 
take a look at as many of the rest of these as possible over the next week 
or so.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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