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Re: libc strategy

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 09:11:21AM -0700, lucifer@lightbearer.com wrote:
> Nathan Myers wrote:
> > There is no need for Linux ifconfig or fdisk; BSD has its own
> > equivalents that work with their kernel.  These are specifically 
> > the sort of tools which there's no point in trying to port, because
> > they're too closely tied to the Linux kernel.  (The package is
> > called util-linux for a reason!)  Instead, just make a .deb of the 
> > BSD equivalents, and call it util-netbsd.
> Just a minor point... while I agree that ifconfig should use one that
> groks the BSD kernel, natively, we do have to be careful about dealing
> with the support scripts, and make sure the syntax isn't completely
> out in left field (it certainly has been on some systems I've dealt
> with, compared to the "native Linux" one).

Yes, Solarix ifconfig is abominable.  Solarix route is worse.

Still, the number of lines of support scripts that say "ifconfig"
is probably no greater than three.  It would be a lot easier to
patch those scripts than to adapt one or other ifconfig.

I don't know of any support scripts that call fdisk.  :-)
Nathan Myers
ncm at cantrip dot org

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