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Umm.. This is interesting..

I'm Besok btw..
This is a shorty but sweet chat in #debian on openprojects..

[02:18] (ILWM) somebody is already doing a debianfreebsd
[02:18] (Besok) what?
[02:19] (Besok) er...
[02:19] (evol) Besok: your name means "visit" in norwegian btw; i fiffle a
lot at is
[02:19] ::: .enter@2.19a> echo (jdorse@sentry.acxiom.com)
[02:19] (ILWM) evol: i fiffle a lot at is?
[02:19] (evol) s/s/t
[02:19] ::: .enter@2.19a> leviathan (lennart@p3EE2E430.dip.t-dialin.net)
[02:19] (Besok) everyone I talk to on the list is doing debianbsd as a
netbsd port
[02:19] (ILWM)
[02:19] (ILWM) Besok: nope, Sys64738 is doing fbsd
[02:19] ::: .signoff@2.19a> drone
(laurence@host213-122-65-142.btinternet.com); brb, need to use the phone
[02:19] (Besok) evol, it also means tomorrow in indonesian
[02:19] (zedboy) i'm still waiting for Debian/Solaris.
[02:19] (evol) ILWM: fiffle = waay to many years playing mud trying to type
"giggle" at 5 in the morning resulting in the merry "fiffle" word
[02:19] (SNA) grecaycat: ok for rm= i put the IP right?
[02:20] (Besok) what?
[02:20] (Besok) are you serios?
[02:20] (Besok) serious*
[02:20] (ILWM) evol; what is MUD?
[02:20] (ILWM) Besok : I never lie
[02:20] (Besok) since when?

.  -----  -- -
| Sys64738 ( mjg59@vavatch.jesus.cam.ac.uk )
'--.-(name)-. Matthew Garrett
   | (chan) | #debian
   | (serv) | pratchett.openprojects.net
   | (idle) | 39988

Might be an idea to talk to this guy?!?!?

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