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Re: vote

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 10:32:25PM -0700, Josh Wilmes wrote:
> At 17:30 on 06/28/2001 -1000, Brian Russo <brusso@phys.hawaii.edu> wrote:
> >  I thought the point was BSD with a packaging system that doesn't
> >  suck (tm)
> Then this would be a "freebsd-apt" mailing list, and not a "debian-bsd" 
> one.   Make no mistakes- this should be treated as debian port, not a bsd 
> improvement project.  That's not to say that such a project would not be 
> worthwhile (I for one would not at all mind seeing apt as the package 
> system of choice on plenty of OSes), but such a project would need to be 
> driven by the *bsd community to have any chance at all of success, IMHO.

First of all, ports/packages doesn't suck.  Not if you know
what you're doing.

Secondly, http://www.openpackages.org/

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