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Re: vote

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>From: Andreas Krennmair 
>To: Debian-BSD Mailinglist 
>Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 12:49 AM
>Subject: vote
>This is a vote what system that we should take as basis for our project. 
>1) Which kernel? 
>  a) OpenBSD kernel 
>  b) NetBSD kernel 

B (tick)

>  c) FreeBSD kernel 
>  d) Darwin kernel 
>2) What userland 
>  a) only the userland that came with the chosen kernel 
>  b) "native" userland + some GNU utilities 
>  c) mostly GNU utilities + some very system dependent userland 
>     utilities. 

C (tick) why not?

>Vote, comment, give feedback (please). 
>Andreas Krennmair 
>/* let's suicide: */ 

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