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Re: [Fwd: Debian/BSD survey....]

> Michael Goetze wrote:
> >
> > Hi... I just read the archives for this list... sure hasn't been much happening. I'd like to
> > conduct a quick and dirty survey to see whether it's worthwhile to get involved with this... I'd
> > like to ask everyone subscribed to this list to take a minute or two to answer...
> >
> > Just so you know, my idea of a Debian/BSD system is a DEBIAN system with a BSD kernel... that's
> > why Debian comes first.... (Whereby Debian's Not Linux, and GNU's Not Unix...)
> >
> > (1) Which BSD would you prefer to use as a base? (Free, Net, Open)
> Well the one that can be ported to many platform as possible.
Seems should have the list for which we can uses/port, for example,
apt-get.. ?

> > (2) What do you think is the best way to start?
> Well I'm not so expert in the Debian installation system to say that.
> But my idea, when i subcribed, was to have a BSD kernel and all the BSD
> related stuff installed in the Debian way.
> But what I can suggest if someone will start to work on this project
> is to immediatly start to produce HOWTO-START for beginners in order
> to involve more people as fast as possible.

(1) based on *BSD and port Debian stuff into it
(2) based on Debian, and port some stuff in BSD into it

IMHO, I think (2) is not a good idea.. (or I missed some discussion
before ?)

> > (3) Are you here to contribute, or to flame?
looking for anything I can help... :-)

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