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RE: About the ways ;-)

I think that is a great idea.

I am going to be setting up a website tonight (Tonight as in GMT time) that
will create a proposed list of what is going on and who is involved.  I
would appreciate an email from everyone would be interested in the effort so
I can include your name in the project proposal document.  That would also
make it easier to start dividing up the project.

I believe that Steve Price has a good point of quick distribution and
adaption he can include the debian packaging system into the 'Ports'
collection of FreeBSD.  Those that want to port the Debian tools to OpenBSD,
NetBSD or OSX shouldn't have much of a problem doing such.  I believe that
getting a full Debian-bsd distribution is going to take a bit of work and
should be looked at as the 'second phase' of our effort.  Again, these are
just my opinions.

There seems to be quite a bit of interest in this effort.  Before Monday I
propose we make the following decisions:

1.  Do we initially start out porting package management system or start
with a 'forked' distribution.

2.  Who is going to lay out the plan for packaging effort.  Does anyone here
have any amount of experience in the packaging and would anyone volunteer
for this effort.

3.  Who is going to lay out the plan for managing the packaging so the work
doesn't become redundant across multiple platforms.

4.  Who is going to lead the technical effort in actually 'porting' the
debian software.  We should setup a CVS for this project for obvious
reasons.  Ideally if any major changes to the source are necessary it would
be great merge these with the regular debian branch to keep things merged
with new debian developments.

I am very excited about the possibilities of this project and am quite
excited about moving this forward as soon as possible.



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> Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 2:24 PM
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> Subject: About the ways ;-)
> It seems like we have two ways to go now:
> either all of us will concentrate on OpenBSD, or those who want,
> (like me ;) will be trying to do just the same with FreeBSD.
> Actually, I think that it's the way to go, since the things
> to be done are mostly the same -- port main debian tools
> onto the target system, package base system binaries + sources.
> What about configure way... I do think we can just make /etc/rc
> to start services in /etc/init.d according to /etc/rc.d.
> In that way we can have *BSD act like a SysV in services starting,
> and like BSD in vital configuration paramters like networking
> and stuff (set up via /etc/rc.conf).
> The reason I make FreeBSD ports right now, is that not that
> many BSD people will move on Debian/BSD in future, so in the
> first stage I try to make something useful for the community
> as a whole.
> So, maybe we have to make some document that will describe
> the ways to go with "plain vanilla" BSD system, and work
> with *BSD in parallel?
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> Regards, Wartan.
> echo "Your stdio isn't very std."
> 		-- Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution
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