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About the ways ;-)

It seems like we have two ways to go now:
either all of us will concentrate on OpenBSD, or those who want, 
(like me ;) will be trying to do just the same with FreeBSD.
Actually, I think that it's the way to go, since the things
to be done are mostly the same -- port main debian tools
onto the target system, package base system binaries + sources.
What about configure way... I do think we can just make /etc/rc
to start services in /etc/init.d according to /etc/rc.d.
In that way we can have *BSD act like a SysV in services starting,
and like BSD in vital configuration paramters like networking
and stuff (set up via /etc/rc.conf).

The reason I make FreeBSD ports right now, is that not that
many BSD people will move on Debian/BSD in future, so in the
first stage I try to make something useful for the community
as a whole.

So, maybe we have to make some document that will describe
the ways to go with "plain vanilla" BSD system, and work
with *BSD in parallel?

Regards, Wartan.
echo "Your stdio isn't very std." 
		-- Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution

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