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Re: My ideas

On Sun, 22 Oct 2000, John Galt wrote:

> Mostly because of the fact that the question is worded weird.  The
> question should be:
> What kernel should we, the Debian/BSD team, focus on first
 [4] netbsd
 [3] freebsd
 [1] openbsd
 [2] further discussion (we gotta have it wartan...)

this is what i would say about this topic ..
as far as i concern openbsd is he fastest and most stable
BSD-Kernel ..
shouldn't start with FreeBSD as this has many gotchas that you
will miss in the furture ..
i think OpenBSD is the least common donominator of BSD-Kernels

Christian Bahls
iT-Netservice GmbH
Leipzig Germany

PS: ever spend a thought about porting to Darwin
      [or whats this name of this MacOS-X-Kernel]
> There is nothing stopping us from porting all three *BSD kernels to
> Debian way, the issue is where do we start?

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