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Re: Is it _really_ dead?

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 02:26:40PM -0700, Brent Fulgham wrote:

# I'm not suggesting a textbook experiment.  What I am saying is that
# it seems possible to extend the apt-source tools to unpack software
# packages into a BSD ports tree to allow a native BSD build of software.
# It could handle build-dependencies which would be an advantage over
# the existing BSD system as I understand it.

Both the ports tree and the pkg_* tools (which are *very*
similar in nature to apt-get, dselect, dpkg, ...) handle both
build and run dependencies transparently.  The big thing missing
in the ports tree and associated tools is when upgrading existing
packages to newer versions.  There are efforts (see openpackages
and the list archives) in this regard so they haven't been
sitting on their laurels waiting for the Debian system to rescue
them. :)

I'm all for helping out with a common set of tools to manage
packages between BSD and Debian which is why I was among the
first handful or so of the people to subscribe to this list.
I also did some initial work on porting dpkg to FreeBSD and
made that available as a FreeBSD port to some people on this
list.  It was far from complete but at least it was a start.

Replacing the BSD userland with a GNU one from Debian or more
precisely having just a BSD kernel with a Debian userland on
the other hand is not something that interests me.  Not to
say that some people won't find it the best thing since electric
toast, just something I'm not interested in expending energy
on at this point.  Nothing personal either or derogatory is
implied by that so please don't try to read between the lines
and attempt to start a flamefest.  Just one man's take on what
he wants to spend his ever-dwindling free time on. :)


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