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Re: Is it _really_ dead?

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 04:02:55PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
# 	I still think that a system that provided the stability 
# 	of a BSD kernel with the rest Debian would be the winner for a 
# 	network service OS.  Also that it is not going to get done unless
# 	and until 3 or 4 people go off in a huddle and just-do-it.
# 	Too many folks have time to exercise the jaws to flame whoever
# 	steps beyond their ideas, and little else.

Alright I can't just sit quietly any longer. :)  I don't remember
all the "flames" on this list that everyone is spouting off about.
What I remember was that there was a mixture of emotions of whether
this was going to create a fork.  The way I see it there are two
possibilities here.

First Debian's userland gets a BSD kernel in which case people here
should just go off and do it.  Not likely to drum up a lot of coders
in the BSD community to help (and it doesn't look like many in the
Debian community are interested in it either), though they will
probably lend an ear to questions should you have them.

The second is that BSD needs a package system similar to Debian's and
in the best of cases emcompasses all the strengths of both and the
weaknesses from neither.  Many in the BSD community believe this would
be advantageous.  If this is really what everyone is interested
in then I suggest they head over to http://www.openpackages.org/
and sign up to help.  There is no Debian presence there yet, but
nothing says there can't be.

There was one other thing mentioned on this list in the early days
and it involves replacing the BSD userland with an all GNU userland
and I'd don't believe there will be many in the BSD community that
will be into supporting such an effort.  You are welcome to try but
this IMHO will result in a fork and dividing all of our efforts again
in support of another project doesn't help either community.

So huddle if you must, but I'd rather these projects get sanctioned
by one or both of these projects lest the work done by these people
either goes unused or ends up in a dreaded fork.

Just my $0.02.


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