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New glibc 2.1.92 test packages (i386, powerpc, sparc)

I've compiled test packages based on glibc 2.1.92 release. This is a
general test set (for generally exprienced developers and port maintainers
interested in testing it, and for any users who just want to try it[1]).

Add these lines to your apt sources.list:

deb	http://auric.debian.org/%7ebcollins glibc 2.2
deb-src	http://auric.debian.org/%7ebcollins glibc 2.2

Run apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade. Please let me know *directly*
(as in not via the BTS) of any Debian specific problems. If you notice
bugs in glibc itself, please follow the guidelines for submitting bug
reports to the glibc lists.


[1] If you hose your system, do not bitch about unstable software. This IS
unstable software. So unstable in fact, that I do not even bother putting
in the distribution. Hence this testing set.

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`  bcollins@debian.org  --  bcollins@openldap.org  --  bcollins@linux.com  '

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