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Re: Musings on Darwin ...

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 05:58:24PM -0700, Anant Kabra wrote:
> According to the Apple FAQ
> http://www.publicsource.apple.com/ps-faq.html
> the apple license is conformant to the OpenSource
> definition guidelines (which is pretty much identical
> to the DFSG)
> http://www.opensource.org/osd.html
> The apple license is here.
> http://www.publicsource.apple.com/apsl/
> It's pretty wordy, but from reading it, it seems to be
> "open" as in MPL. (IANAL)
I know, I've read it entirely a few months ago (I was also misled by the fact
that the faq says it's conforming to the opensource definition, and popped a
balloon on debian-devel before I read the license). A few sections:

1.4 "Deploy" means to use, sublicense or distribute Covered Code other than
for Your internal research and development (R&D), and includes without
limitation, any and all internal use or distribution of Covered Code within
Your business or organization except for R&D use, as well as direct or
indirect sublicensing or distribution of Covered Code by You to any third
party in any form or manner.


2.2 You may Deploy Covered Code, provided that You must in each instance:
  (b) make all Your Deployed Modifications publicly available in Source Code
  form via electronic distribution (e.g. download from a web site) under the
  terms of this License and subject to the license grants set forth in
  Section 3 below, and any additional terms You may choose to offer under
  Section 6. You must continue to make the Source Code of Your Deployed
  Modifications available for as long as you Deploy the Covered Code or
  twelve (12) months from the date of initial Deployment, whichever is longer;

So even if you only use (and modify) it internally, other than for R&D, you
would have to submit your modifications.
Then there is also section 2.2(c), quoted in another mail in this thread, which
states that it isn't even sufficient to provide modifications yourself, but
you have to do it through the apple website.

Looks rather non-free to me.



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