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Re: apt and dpkg for NetBSD?

I recall waay back on Mar 15 when Gary Kline wrote:

> 	It's nice to know that some folks are still pounding away
> 	at this... prob'ly in the dead of night and solo.
> 	Anything Debian is a win; so is the extrordinary stability
> 	of *BSD.

Unfortunately for the areas that I was interested in mainly (unionfs), BSD
was not so stable =( which is why I haven't been working on this as much.
Work, for whom I was playing with this, dictates that I stick with Linux
for now since the other part of BSD we really wanted (jail) doesn't outdo
the advantages of sticking with a system we know and love (Debian =).

Anyhow, I took a few moments to gather up what I had done. I *believe*
these are the right set of sources. Here is the URL:


apt*.tar.gz is the modified source tarball for apt, and dpkg*.tar.gz is
the modified source tarball for dpkg and dselect. Those ought to
configure/compile ok using gmake. Fairly amazing actually on the part of
the developers of those packages, just how little had to be changed to get
it to compile.  binaries.tar.gz is a tarball of the binary installation I
did, if you want to play with it before actually getting it to compile
(ought to be up within about 5 minutes, should be ~9.7M). It is installed
in /usr/local/debian to keep it seperate from the rest of my BSD system,
so some symlinks were required from /var (included). As you can see from
the package listing in there, I successfully did a dselect
Method/Source/Update and used "dpkg -i" on a few binary-all packages
(mainly deb development tools).

I don't claim to have properly ported it (see especially
start-stop-daemon), or even done it prettily.. =) I just wanted to get a
proof of concept. It ought to be cleaned up a lot and moved back to its
standard install location for everything to be good.  Also if you followed
the discussion on here earlier, there was a problem with mmap()'ing files
in apt. I never did get a good fix, but I discovered by enlarging the
buffer size to something silly (so the whole file is loaded at once), it
does appear to work around the problems.

Enjoy! I sure hope we eventually get a DebianBSD, despite all the license
flamage.. =|

Learn to pause -- or nothing worthwhile can catch up to you.

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