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Re: Re: Debian BSD.. cool idea

On Sat, Feb 12, 2000 at 10:51:37AM -0500, Dan Papasian wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 12, 2000 at 09:31:55PM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > Those are weird directories. /usr is by definition (in the FHS
> > anyway) fairly static -- so /usr/local/var is a contradiction to me.
> The FHS is a load of crap.  There are plently of standards existing
> beforehand for the layout of the UNIX filesystem.. Linux, aiming to act
> exactly like a UNIX, should follow these, not set their own standards.

And why not? Try reading the FHS -- there's rationale in there for
everything. It all makes perfect sense to me -- /usr/local/var is a load
of crap, if you want to label something.

The FHS's idea is that /usr is static and can be mounted read-only.
Therefore /usr/local/var and /usr/local/etc are out of place. Of course
our users can make them if they want, because /usr/local is entirely up
to the local admin. But you guys are shipping it out of the box ...

> There are only a handful of the 3,071 ports/packages that out and out
> conflict with another.  And it is documented in the readme..

Then you probably don't have anywhere near the number of packages we do,
because we have a lot of stuff that conflicts. For example, I maintain
a package of the xpdf GPL PDF viewer; we have a decryption-enabled version
stored on free-world servers, and the normal version stored on police-state
servers (ie the USA). These conflict because they both provide /usr/bin/xpdf,
which makes perfect sense.

> Less than ideal, yes, but it is being addressed in designing the 2nd-gen
> package system.  Debian can feel free to step in and relicense code/donate
> time to help make our package system better.  Everyone would be happier :)

You're welcome to our code, it's under the GPL.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB. CCs of replies on mailing lists are welcome.

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