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Re: Re: Debian BSD.. cool idea

# <rant>
# Strange, you brag about the freedom of the BSD license, but when
# someone proposes to play with your little toy with its neon `play
# with me tag', you immediately begin to scream that your toy is
# about to be violated by a rapist!
# </rant>

Please!  I never said anything like this!  These words and/or thoughts
you made up yourself.  Or maybe it is a part of what you believe all
BSD people think?  I have never thought this and probably never will.
Who after all did the initial port of dpkg to FreeBSD?  Me!  I am very
open-minded and would definitely like all of us to come together
since after all we are all working for the same cause essentially.
I also happen to be a FreeBSD committer, which means I can help get
any changes we come up with here in the FreeBSD tree.  I definitely
don't want to see fork, so things that are of benefit to both communities
I will do my best to make them an official part of the FreeBSD source.
Will you do the same thing on the Debian end or are you just blowing
smoke up our collective arses for the sake of getting high?

BTW, please don't flame me in public for things which I have not done!
Don't start wars with me when you don't even know me or what I am
about.  Personal attacks should be left on the playground or taken
up with me in private Email and not here on a public mailing list.

If you must reply please, please, please leave the list out of it.


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