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Re: Debian BSD.. cool idea!

I recall waay back on Jan 30 when Jerry Alexandratos wrote:

> : > I also don't see why the main hierarchical tree (/, /usr, ...) should be
> : > polluted with code that doesn't come from and isn't maintained by the
> : > distributor.
> : 
> : Ahh, but that's just the thing! ;-) All that stuff in the main tree _does_
> : come from the distributor -- which in this case is Debian. This is
> No, it's bundled by the distributor.  It's not supported by the
> distributor and the code is not written by them either.

Yeah. That is true if you look at it that way (which seems to be the
classical Unix way). I'm just saying that almost all of Debian (minus the
bare requirement of their package manager) is bundled rather than written
or supported by them. In the Linux world distinguishing init from mysql or
apache, or anything like that that might be considered a "system" process,
tends to be considered kind of arbitrary since they're all 3rd party
packages that have been bundled in. Creative chaos, plain and simple,
heh ;-). If such a distinction is made it's usually by function rather
than author.

That's a perspective from a long-time Linux user anyway (me), more an
attempt to explain than convince =)

A soft drink turneth away company.

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