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OT Re: Advantage of debs?

I don't know.  ZIPs are being considered, but besides that, who knows.
I just brought up 5.0 because if we go to zips, it'll be then.  And, while
we are at it, if other major changes are going to go down and break things,
it better be when we are ready for it ;)

Good luck on your distribution, although I don't understand why you'd want
to, when any of the BSDs are available already.  Of course, there may be
a perfectly good reason for liking the Linux kernel over our kernels,
and if there is, please share ;)

So to reiterate, I'm not sure if 5.0 will have a completely different
ports system or be the same.. but I'm rereading your letter now
and it is making less and less sense ;)

Make world has _NOTHING_ to do with the ports collection.  Make world
is to rebuild the OS itself, not the packages/ports that are installed
on top of it.

Anything else I can help you with?


Orignial message follows:

    Just a quick question Dan - will 5.0 have a completely different
building system (s/bsd.port.mk/something.new/?) or is it simply being
revised to cope with the new package format, if any?

    My reason for asking is that I'm currently building a Linux distribution
using a _proper_ (BSDish) 'make World' concept, since no other Linux distro
besides Stampede even seems to have that as a general idea.  (And Stampede's
way of doing it, frankly, sucks.)  I'm trying to get as much input as I can
before I finalise my building scripts.

    And ZIPs?  FreeBSD using ZIPs?  Bizarre :).  (Heh, the OpenBSD people
are probably going to say "Zip encryption not secure!")


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