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Advantage of debs?

bsdx!  Didn't know there were other BSD users on the list ;)

Debian packages, in the real world, have been less sucessful for me
than FreeBSD ports/packages.

While the PLISTs generated on-the-fly and such are interesting, they
don't seem as sucessful in actuallity.  I think that it would be more
effort for FreeBSD to adopt Debian's package format and then work up
to the quality now, instead take the existing system and add the Debian

5.0 will have a new setup utility, as well as (maybe) a new package
format.  JKH talked about using zips instead of tarballs as they 
have several features that tarballs don't have, such as the ability
to delete certain files, withdraw a description, and a bunch of other
stuff that I can't recall right now.

I met this with shock, as I don't associate zips with being very 
unix-ish.  But, FreeBSD is centralized enough so it would pull it off, 
and pull it off quite well.

Can you elaborate on what you are talking about with the "modularity" of
the debian packages?

On paper, Debian packages look better, but in real life, I've had better
experience with the FreeBSD packages.  Of course, YMMV, so I'll be diplomatic
and say they are of roughly equal caliber.


Original message follows:
Do you mean play with on your 3.2-R box or play with in terms of
source?  I think it would be great if Debian wanted to look into the whole
sysinstall, packages, and ports system, because the modularity and
upgradability that Debian packages can provide is very nice.  Not that I
am speaking for anyone else but personally I would like to see the ports
system modified to produce packages with enough dependancy information
included to be as managable as Debian packages are.  The existing ports
system is great for using as an easy framework to compile applications for
your system or for others.  It makes it really easy to modify program
sources before you compile them if you wish to include specific
changes.  You can also set system-wide compiler defaults such as
optimization options.  The modularity and upgradability of Debian packages
is great but I would like the ability to roll my own (all 2xxx of them in
one shot) with different compiler options, custom paths, etc.  And since
we are on the edge of a new system installer and customizer im sure
constructive help in that area wouldnt be turned down either :)

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