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Re: glibc

According to Per Lundberg:
> As someone told me, I asked on hackers@freebsd.org if there was a glibc
> port to FreeBSD. Of course they started the traditional ranting about how
> poor GNU getopt is and stuff like that, but I managed to find out these
> things:
> * There doesn't seem to be a glibc port to FreeBSD, so we will probably
> have to do it ourselves, if we find it necessary. (see below)
> * GNU getopt is ported and even in the ports collection. What I think we
> should do, for now, is to make a "cameleont-libc" for FreeBSD, based on
> the native libc and with getopt added. This way, we won't have to modify a
> lot of packages, and we will be able to get a working system setup even
> before we do port glibc (if it becomes necessary, but it might not).

	Makes sense to me to take the easier course for our first-cut.
	Sure, add GNU getopt() and whatever else that's missing from
	the BSD libc.  
> What do you think? Am I on the wrong track here?

	I think whatever uses the least resources (time, effort)
	and minimizes head-banging makes sense.  If the BSD C library
	is  only lacking in the expanded getopt() call, then use the
	port and drop it in.

	BTW, I've stayed away from the fine-grain, hair-splitting
	and spitball-throwing arguments, so what *is* so "wrong"
	with GNU getopt()?  ....



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