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Re: os-prober not detecting distros mounting ESP as /boot

On 29/05/2023 at 08:17, Avid Seeker wrote:
I'm dual booting two distros that mount ESP as /boot instead of /boot/efi.

It seems to me that os-prober works by checking every partition for /boot, and so if it finds it empty, it doesn't consider it an OS. So when I run os-prober from either distro, the other one is not detected.

AFAIK os-prober does not look into /boot, it looks for specific files in /lib and /etc (with an issue with separate merged /usr). Only linux-boot-prober looks looks for kernel and initrd/initramfs images in /boot (after mounting it according to /etc/fstab if separate).

What is the layout of either distro (mount points, /boot contents) ?
What is the output of os-prober ?
What is the output of linux-boot-prober /dev/<other-distro_rootfs> ?

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