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Bug#1036589: hw-detect: Investigate expanding virtualization detection

Package: hw-detect

The hw-detect.finish-install.d/08hw-detect script was inspired by
systemd's detect_vm function, and that part was last touched in 2019.

There were many changes in systemd, and it might make sense to catch up.
Its dmi_vendor_table looks like this currently:

    { "KVM",                  VIRTUALIZATION_KVM       }, 
    { "OpenStack",            VIRTUALIZATION_KVM       }, /* Detect OpenStack instance as KVM in non x86 architecture */
    { "KubeVirt",             VIRTUALIZATION_KVM       }, /* Detect KubeVirt instance as KVM in non x86 architecture */
    { "Amazon EC2",           VIRTUALIZATION_AMAZON    },
    { "QEMU",                 VIRTUALIZATION_QEMU      }, 
    { "VMware",               VIRTUALIZATION_VMWARE    }, /* https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1009458 */
    { "VMW",                  VIRTUALIZATION_VMWARE    },
    { "innotek GmbH",         VIRTUALIZATION_ORACLE    },
    { "VirtualBox",           VIRTUALIZATION_ORACLE    },
    { "Xen",                  VIRTUALIZATION_XEN       },
    { "Bochs",                VIRTUALIZATION_BOCHS     },
    { "Parallels",            VIRTUALIZATION_PARALLELS }, /* https://wiki.freebsd.org/bhyve */
    { "BHYVE",                VIRTUALIZATION_BHYVE     },
    { "Hyper-V",              VIRTUALIZATION_MICROSOFT },
    { "Apple Virtualization", VIRTUALIZATION_APPLE     },

This means a few additions compared to our detect_virt_dmi_entry()
function. That being said, we're talking about a finish-install script,
which tries to run systemd-detect-virt inside target, which is part of
systemd. So in the general case, we shouldn't have to rely on our

Filing at normal severity accordingly.

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