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Bug#1036310: bookworm installer hangs in efi mode on virtualbox 7.0.8

Seems the problem still persists on both modes, so it might be something else.

In bullseye there's no such issues

Trying to run the vm in windows too seems to output the same issue.

Either it's a virtualbox issue or a bookworm issue is yet to be identified, as booting the image on my baremetal efi seems fine, also in vmware workstation, there is no issue.

On Fri, May 19, 2023 at 3:56 PM Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> wrote:
Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2023-05-19):
> I'll try and provide you with a full netinst image, so that you have
> both Graphical Install and (text…) Install options. My patch should fix
> graphics-related issues, in both text and graphical modes. At first
> glance it looks like your X might have another issue preventing it from
> starting.


(Since its size isn't negligible, it's scheduled for deletion two weeks
from now.)

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