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Bug#1023472: Workaround implemented for live images


Speaking as someone who happen{ed,s} to come across live-build things for
unrelated reasons:

Roland Clobus <rclobus@rclobus.nl> (2023-05-18):
> I've implemented a workaround for the live images at [1].
> As a result, the xfwm4 desktop manager is now the only desktop manager.

This seems to have been merged in live-build master.

I'm not sure whether this is a workaround or a real fix; if that's the
latter, it should probably be reassigned to live-build?

Two questions, with RC 4 in mind (and as a reminder, while I'll be dealing
with D-I Bookworm RC 4 with a focus on… the installer primarily, live images
are being built and released at the same time):
 - Is there a live-build upload planned to publish this fix to unstable?
 - With or without an extra upload, is there a plan to ask for an unblock?
   It seems best to ship in $codename the tools being built to build
   $codename. (Similar example: debian-cd.)

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D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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