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Bug#1023472: Workaround implemented for live images

Hello Holger, LXQt-list,

I've implemented a workaround for the live images at [1].
As a result, the xfwm4 desktop manager is now the only desktop manager.

The results can be seen in openQA for the live image [2] and netinst daily [3] and RC3 [4]. The daily and the RC3 netinst installer shows the wrong desktop manager after installation, they could be fixed by the patch I proposed.

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/live-team/live-build/-/merge_requests/305
[2] https://openqa.debian.net/tests/overview?distri=debian&version=sid_lxqt&build=20230517T141208Z_sid_lxqt&groupid=14
[2] Breadcrumb: Debian Live | Build20230517T141208Z_sid_lxqt
[3] https://openqa.debian.net/tests/148148#step/_graphical_wait_login/2
[3] Breadcrumb: Debian (amd64) | Build20230518_1104-testing-amd64 | lxqt@uefi | _graphical_wait_login [4] https://openqa.debian.net/tests/overview?build=DI_rc3&distri=debian&version=bookworm&groupid=10
[4] Breadcrumb: Debian (amd64) | DI_rc3 | lxqt@uefi | _graphical_wait_login

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