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Bug#1035349: regression: 'hostname' preseed alias for netcfg/get_hostname takes precedence over DHCP hostname

Source: preseed
Version: 1.115
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

Dear Maintainer,

This bugreport is a subset/related-to bug #1031643, also in preseed.

When the 'hostname' preseed alias for 'netcfg/get_hostname' is provided to
Bookworm's RC 2 installer as a kernel command-line argument, the value that
it contains unexpectedly takes higher precedence over a hostname received from
DHCP, contrary to the Installation Guide documentation[1] in combination with
the corresponding netcfg documentation[2].


  * Preseed alias 'hostname' configured on the kernel command-line
  * There is a DHCP server on the installation-target's network that will provide a hostname

Expected behaviour:

  * Installer does not ask for installation-target hostname
  * Installation-target hostname is received and configured using DHCP

Actual behaviour:

  * [good] Installer does not ask for hostname
  * [bad] Hostname is configured from the command-line, ignoring the DHCP-negotiated hostname.
  * This is similar to 'netcfg/hostname' -- a different setting from 'netcfg/get_hostname'.


Since Linux 6.0, a 'hostname=...' parameter provided in the kernel command-line
is no-longer loaded into the init process environment as a variable, but is
instead used to set the hostname of the running system (skipping the
need for userspace tooling to achieve that).

That caused a conflict for the preseed aliases in the Debian Installer, because
one of the aliases is also 'hostname', mapped to 'netcfg/get_hostname'.

The fix applied in #1031643 loads the 'running system hostname' into the
environment if it is non-empty and not equal to '(none)'.  This allows
unattended installs to work again.

The 'netcfg' component that determines the system hostname (prompting for it
from the operator if required) to be installed will prefer a non-empty hostname
(as long as it is not the literal string '(none)') over one provided by DHCP
in this block of code: https://sources.debian.org/src/netcfg/1.185/dhcp.c/#L578


[1] - https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/apbs02.en.html#preseed-aliases

[2] - https://sources.debian.org/src/netcfg/1.185/debian/netcfg-common.templates/?hl=145#L160

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