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Re: adduser Debconf question - can we remove it?

Hi Marc,

Marc Haber <mh+debian-packages@zugschlus.de> (2022-03-22):
> adduser maintainer here. Adduser currently has a single debconf
> question, "Do you want system-wide readable home directories?",
> resulting in the setting of DIR_MODE in adduser.conf.
> Adduser is going to change its default in the future to 2700 due to a
> number of sensible bug reports requesting more account security. The
> only situation where the Debconf question still makes sense in these
> days is the Installer, since when the Installer creates the first user
> account, the user did not yet have the opportunity to edit adduser.conf.
> How does the Debian installer team think about adduser removing this
> debconf question in a future release, causing the account created on
> installation to be created with home directory mode 2700?
> adduser would become debconf-less that way, which would make the package
> a lot easier.

At first glance, letting d-i use whatever the default is would look good
to me. People having strong opinions about this setting can always
adjust the configuration after the installation?

> Please keep me on Cc for your replies, I am not subscribed to
> debian-boot.


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