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adduser Debconf question - can we remove it?


adduser maintainer here. Adduser currently has a single debconf
question, "Do you want system-wide readable home directories?",
resulting in the setting of DIR_MODE in adduser.conf.

Adduser is going to change its default in the future to 2700 due to a
number of sensible bug reports requesting more account security. The
only situation where the Debconf question still makes sense in these
days is the Installer, since when the Installer creates the first user
account, the user did not yet have the opportunity to edit adduser.conf.

How does the Debian installer team think about adduser removing this
debconf question in a future release, causing the account created on
installation to be created with home directory mode 2700?

adduser would become debconf-less that way, which would make the package
a lot easier.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. Please keep me on Cc for your replies,
I am not subscribed to debian-boot.


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