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Bug#1000239: Rescue system won't find root partition, but insists on /usr

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Hi Steve,

I've written my reply assuming this isn't a usermerged system, because
if it is one, then I wonder if this is a usrmerge-related bug.  Ie: I
wonder if a splitting / and /usr onto different partitions is never
supported on usrmerged systems.  Alternatively, maybe the rescue mode
isn't usrmerge-ready?

Hi Tom,

TomK <forensic@milwpc.com> writes:

> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20210731+deb11u1_amd64
> Errors, "No suitable shell found on /dev/sda1"
> I was attempting to reinstall grub, to get the system to boot. I have also used the rescue syatem to change a lost password. It appears this bug may apply only to a gpt partition table and a fat32 boot partition (efi?). 
> I've had this same problem with 2 systems, a lappy and a desktop. I can always work around it. I don't understand what could be going on, for lack of experience. I've only been a Debian user since Woody was in testing. 
> It's easy to reproduce. Do an expert install with defaults, but partition with gpt. Boot the system with the install media, launch a rescue shell, and try to open a root shell. An incorrect device should be identified as '/'. Perhaps this occurs only when /usr is on a different partition that '/'. 

Given the information you provided, this is what I suspect may be

1. You have a EFI system
2. On an EFI system, /dev/sda1 is usually the ESP (EFI System Partition)
3. The ESP is not the rootfs, and it won't contain /bin/init, /bin/sh, etc.
4. Therefore choosing /dev/sda1 as the rootfs will never boot
5. due to 'Errors, "No suitable shell found on /dev/sda1"'

If you're dual booting with another OS, the rootfs might be on sda2.
Would you please share note the error[s] when selecting sda2, sda3, or
whichever partition ?

Other relevant info is if LUKS (encrypted partition) or an configuration
using LVM was selected.

Optional: Feel free to unset the "moreinfo" tag when providing this
information (see the first line of this email for the model, and change
the "+" to a "-" in your reply).

P.S.  It's likely that I won't be able to follow-up on this bug until
after the holidays, 


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