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Bug#989863: debian-installer: Firmware problems in bullseye

Hi Cyril,

On 24-07-2021 09:05, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> @RT: I'd be happy to have some feedback from your regarding this
>      approach; telling people to enable contrib/non-free so that they
>      can install firmware packages is definitely *not* something I take
>      lightly, but I'd be happy to have some kind of review there to see
>      if that looks reasonable at all. I'm not sure there are many
>      options these days anyway…

It's only my opinion, but as it's my understanding too that a lot of
hardware just doesn't work great without the contrib/non-free drivers, I
think it's sensible to help users with instructions on how to get those.
You're not installing them and you're not enabling contrib/non-free, so
decent warnings can be given (spirit of free software vs hardware that
works well). I understand it's hard to get, but having the confirmation
that `nomodeset` actually works for the (or most) black screen issues
would obviously be great.

Side note: apart from the installation guide, do we think that this
warrants a note in the release notes too?

> @RT: This would be my preferred approach, and based on cdbuilder coming
>      back up, plus my recent verifications in a d-i context, I think
>      this should be manageable in time for the announced release date.
>      Ideally we would be able to release an RC3 a week from now, letting
>      us fix any boo-boo in time before mid-August.

I assume your ugly backup plan is (near) ready (or really trivial), so
can be dropped in at the last moment in case there's set backs?

> Thanks for your attention! I've had plenty on my mind, and some
> braindump was in order. Sorry it's been *that* long a read.

I even read in more than once to get the details right.


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