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Re: Bug#990897: unblock: linux/5.10.46-1

Hi Salvatore,

On 20-07-2021 20:05, Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> We do not have yet the signed packages that said, but once present
> ideally the package get's aged as well to have fixes asap in bullseye.

As asked on IRC: IIUC it's best to wait until all binaries are in and
migrate the set right? So including the linux-signed-(amd64|arm64|i386)

I've added the unblocks and urgents for linux-signed-* and all *but* the
urgent for linux. If the answer is: let's migrate as they get in,
please, any RT member, urgent linux. If the set arrives before I'm back
on line, please, urgent linux.


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