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Re: Bug#990897: unblock: linux/5.10.46-1

Control: tags -1 d-i


On 10-07-2021 22:15, Salvatore Bonaccorso wrote:
> Hi release team, hi Cyril (specifically for d-i)

So, let's add him (via d-boot) in.

> Please unblock package linux
> It contained a rebase of the 5.10.y series to 5.10.46 upstream and
> included the following changes relevant to add additional HW support
> and bugfxes. The upstream import to 5.10.46 contained fixes for
> various CVEs.


> I guess at this point we want to delay any further 5.10.y imports to
> the first bullseye point release, but let me know your toughts on
> this.

If the tentative release date becomes solid, I think that's a good plan.


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