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Bug#990781: localechooser: mojibake at 'Select a Language' question when in speech mode

Package: localechooser
Version: 2.92
Severity: minor

When doing a speech install, the menu of available languages does not manage to
render the own-language versions of some languages, where those languages require
another font:


(where one can see that for quite a few languages one just gets solid-white
little squares in place of the e.g. Cyrillic characters ... and for any other
non-Latin character sets)

I've tagged that as minor because the target audience for the speech install are
less bothered by what is on-screen than how it is rendered into audio.

For example, if one selects Punjabi the next screen is almost completely
mojibake, but it does seem (to a non-Punjabi speaker) to be doing a reasonable
job of reading what would be there if the font was available, which is the main

Russian, not so much -- the font works but the voice is nonsense -- I'll report
a separate bug about that when I have a recorded sample to point at.

Cheers, Phil.

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