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Bug#987368: Installer fails at first menu "Choose language"

Hi Cyril/all,
sorry that the process takes long, but that was the only way to
reproduce that bug (which I think may not be specific to ppc64el)
without having Power hardware (and a LPAR/HMC setup).

> Looking at that log, one sees two PIDs for main-menu (272 and 278),
> which could explain a very nice race condition: udpkg racing, one of
> them making the status file disappear from under the feet of the other
> one?

My feeling is that this is exactly what's happening.
I tried touching the missing file and the installer was happy because
the called process (udpkg from what I remember) does not crash anymore
(one can try udpkg without status file and it will crash).

> See also two /sbin/debian-installer processes getting started beforehand
> (one on /dev/hvc0, one on /dev/tty).


> It looks to me this is a clear problem on the debian-installer side (how
> it deals with multiple consoles, similar to #940028 as you mentioned
> initially), rather than some possible issues with emulation?

To me, it's clearly not a qemu issue, since I have that issue on
physical machines too. I just went the emulation way to enable people
without hardware to reproduce the bug. It's more a race condition of
running two debian-installers (not sure now who is remove the status
file, probably udpkg ?).

The point is that some work has already been done by several people on
those multiple consoles setup according to the git commits , and I guess
they will clearly get a grasp of what's going on.


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