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Re: Is _Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide_ current?

On 05/07/2021 01:21 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Yes, the guide is current.

Richard Owlett, le ven. 07 mai 2021 09:46:47 -0500, a ecrit:
I wish to install Debian 10 on a laptop with no internet connectivity
following instructions at


The system I'm using to prepare the flash drive is running Debian 9.13 {the
i386 flavor IIRC}

It responds
root@defaultinstall:/home/richard# install-mbr /dev/sdc
install-mbr:/dev/sdc: Probable detection of modern MBR format which is currently
incompatible with install-mbr.  Installing will probably break Windows installations
on this system.  Use --force to override.

Is this expected?

It completely depends on what you previously had on your key.

It was an old device with an unknown history.
Therefore I used Gparted to:
 1. create a msdos partition table
 2. create a FAT16 primary partition {will contain DVD1.iso}
 3. create a ext4 primary partition {for misc files}

If you are sure that sdc is your flash drive,

I learned that lesson decades ago ;}

you don't care about
"break Windows installations on this system", since I guess your flash
drive doesn't contain anything useful anyway.

None of my current machines have Windows.
When I see an unexpected error message {especially one I don't understand}, I ask questions before proceeding {spent years in both customer and engineering support}.

Thank you.


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