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Re: serial console install issues

On 11/04/21 11:51 am, Richard Hector wrote:
Then finally, I can't remember how, I discovered that it didn't like displaying on a 24-line terminal, which most of the terminals I tried default to.

With a 25-line terminal, it all seems useable - and Minicom mostly displays it ok too (not quite right; the blue box isn't quite drawn properly, and seems too low on the screen?

I'm not sure where I got the idea that minicom was displaying a blue box; I think I was mistaken and still using screen.

Using Minicom, I found I have to use a 26-line terminal, because Minicom displays a status line, so a 25-line terminal only leaves 24 lines usable, and the same problems remain.

Minicom also doesn't display the line-drawing characters correctly, and I don't see any difference between selected and unselected lines in Syslinux, so I have to select the right option by counting keypresses.

Loading the mc.pc8 (rather than .mcpc8 as referred to in the manpage) didn't help.

Minicom is also a pain because it assumes the existence of a modem, and tries to initialise it on startup - I got rid of all the modem control strings, which works - but really screen is much easier. That's probably worth mentioning in the Installation Guide.

I haven't (this time) tried cu (seems to need a config file or something in advance) or any other options. seyon looks likes it needs a lot of setup too.


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