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software speech works with vmware player 16 but not after installation of Debian testing

Hi, I used the s option to start speech as I am totally blind using this image.


Speech worked fine and I liked the fact that the volume was of a highor level then in stable.  I then installed the system making sure that vmware player 16 was set to use the Realtek sound card by default rather then auto detecting or using the system sound card as if I do this the installation freezes at random points where I suddenly lose speech.  I find that if I tell vmware player the sound card to use it works fine.  Once the installation is complete I do the reboot and the virtual machine beeps at the boot prompt.  I however get no software speech either in the mate desktop or in the console but the navigation keys for speakup do beep when I go to the top of the screen so I know it is installed and running.  If I try to use espeak and enter text I get no sound.  My question is why does the installer work successfully with all of the default software installed but not talk when it comes up after the installation completes?  This same issue works with the stable network installer.  I used the non-free image just so if vmware player needed anything it would have it and the normal iso image does the same thing.  Nick Gawronski

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