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Re: Unlock system through Tor on boot

On 3/15/2021 12:31 AM, Amuza en Hackea wrote:

I have been asking around about this topic but I have not managed to
have my problem solved (partly because of my limited knowledge). I
subscribed to this mailing list to see if I could get some help here.
Apologies if this is not the right place for this kind of questions.

With software like dropbear-initramfs and cryptsetup-initrafs I can
remotely unlock a Debian system that is trying to boot but has its root
partition encrypted with LUKS. That is possible because there is an SSH
server (Dropbear) running on the unencrypted boot partition, so I can
SSH it to enter the passphrase which unencrypts the root partition so
that the system completely boots up.

In order to do so, since I do not have a static public IP address, I
have to configure a Dynamic DNS service and redirect ports.

What I would like to have now is an onion service running in the boot
partition too. That way I could remotely unlock the root partition
without caring about NAT, ports or DNS, and would get a more private
connection too.

How could I install tor in the boot partition?

I guess, you would need to install it from source specifying required
directories relative to the boot partition.
You will also need to take the dependencies into consideration.

John Doe

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