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How can I make a installer image with specified kernel?

Hi Experts,

I want to make a installer ISO image to install a customized Debian
system. With some Debian style user space packages and Debian style
kernel image.

With live-build(lb), I can make such a live-cd with specified kernel
version and user spaces packages, it can boot and works in order. But,
when I add a installer with "--debian-installer live", the installation
always failed for "no kernel modules found". For the kernel of the
installer is 5.9.0 while my live-system's kernel is 5.10.0(specified by

I tried with "build-simple-cdd" later and get the same error.

So I wonder which kind of tools can be used to make it? Or if I need
some special configuration/operations with lb or build-simple-cdd to
make it? Any documents or manual I should read firstly?

Thanks a lot!


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