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Re: "--debian-installer" of `lb config` not work in order.

Hello Xiao,

Thank you for the detailed report.

On 11/03/2021 04:18, ZhangXiao wrote:
> On bullseye, I tried to make an ISO used to install a specific Debian
> system, but seems `lb config --debian-installer live" can't make it. My
> operation is:
> $ rm -rf *; lb clean; lb config --debian-installer live; lb build
> Then I get an ISO image, when I boot with it, it gives me several
> choices including "Live (amd64)" and "Start installer". If I choose the
> "Start installer", it will fail for "no kernel modules found", then I
> "Execute a shell" in the installer and the uname tells me the kernel
> version is "".
> While if I choose to run the "Live (amd64)", it will boot up with the
> newest kernel:
> So I wonder if there are any issues on my operations or there is a bug
> in lb? And how to make a live-cd to install a debian system with
> kernel-

It appears that the Debian-Installer images have not been updated yet to
reflect the newer kernel version.

I've copied this mail to the DebianInstaller team at

For the moment, you'll need the daily build of the installer:
--parent-debian-installer-distribution daily

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus


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