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Bug#984816: busybox resume fails to resume with swap file after hibernation

Package: busybox-static
Version: 1:1.30.1-6


I wasn't able to figure out all the details yet and likely won't get to that in the next few weeks. However, I tried getting hibernation to work on a machine with only a swap file.
This failed miserably (machine appeared to hibernate properly, but on reboot, the script in the initrd (local-premount/resume, from initramfs-tools) did call /usr/bin/resume properly (I added some echo/sleep commands to see what happens), but that just terminated apparently, without any error message or similar.

Reproduction (on ext4, btrfs needs more involved procedure for offset):

1) create a sufficiently large file /swap
2) mkswap /swap
3) Add swap to /etc/fstab
4) Figure out parameters for resume/resume_offset, /sys/power/resume_offset and /sys/power/resume

resume=$(findmnt -no SOURCE -T /swap)
findmnt -no MAJ:MIN -T /swap > /sys/power/resume
resume_offset=$(debugfs -R 'bmap /swap 0' $resume 2>/dev/null)

cat > /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume <<EOF
echo resume_offset > /sys/power/resume_offset

(Note the different capitalization for conf.d/resume - it is needed this way)

Run 'update-initramfs -k all -u'

Now you should be ready to hibernate (NOTE: Unless the bug is fixed or you configured initramfs-tools to _not_ use busybox, this will potentially lead to data loss, close all programs)

echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk
echo disk > /sys/power/state

your system should now suspend to disk and power off.

On power-on, the expected state would be that the machine resumes.
The actual state is that the machine does a fresh boot (after running /usr/bin/resume $resume $resume_offset though).

Modify /usr/share/initramfstools/hooks/klibc-utils by adding:

rm "$DESTDIR/bin/resume"
cp -pL /usr/lib/klibc/bin/resume "$DESTDIR/bin/resume"

Re-run the steps from "resume=" above.
The system properly resumes from hibernation.

I know that the "resume" tool in busybox originates from the code in klibc-utils, but right now, the one in busybox doesn't work in this scenario while the one from klibc-utils does.


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