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Re: Bug#983835: base-installer: hostname= is ignored if reverse-dns exists

On 3/2/21 10:15 AM, Phil Dibowitz wrote:
On 3/2/21 1:58 AM, Holger Wansing wrote:
Am 2. März 2021 09:52:06 MEZ schrieb Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>:
The preseed doc[2] suggests the former is behind the (bare) hostname
alias. Try setting the latter?
Yes, the installation-guide under
even explicitly states this, indeed:

# If you want to force a hostname, regardless of what either the DHCP # server returns or what the reverse DNS entry for the IP is, uncomment # and adjust the following line. #d-i netcfg/hostname string somehost
However, that requires a per-host preseed, where as with kernel command line I can have the same preseed for all my hosts (or at least all hosts in a certain category) and simply just pass in a hostname in the tftpseed (which has to be host specific anyway and for me is already generated by my provisioning system).
You can use that parameter on the kernel command line.  And thus retain the generic preseed file.
So perhaps it would be useful to have a like netcfg/hostname_priority flag where one can choose a priority order?
No priority flag required.

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