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Bug#983835: base-installer: hostname= is ignored if reverse-dns exists

Hello Phil,

Phil Dibowitz <phil@ipom.com> (2021-03-01):
> When doing a network-install of a system, if one passes `hostname=foo`
> on the kernel commandline, the installer will use that to set the
> hostname of the installed system...
> EXCEPT if there's reverse-DNS for the IP address that we happen to have
> gotten from DHCP, in which case that takes precedence. But it shouldn't,
> we very explicitly are requesting a hostname to set.
> This situation happens in environments with dynamic dns where a client
> may have released an IP, the DHCP gave it out to this new client, but
> there's still a DNS cache with the old mapping.
> The installer should prefer the explicit preference set by the
> adminsitrator over the implicit one. Or, at the very least provide a
> configuration option to enable such a behavior.

In src:netcfg's templates[1]:

    Template: netcfg/get_hostname
    Type: string
    Default: debian
    # :sl1:
    _Description: Hostname:
     Please enter the hostname for this system.
     The hostname is a single word that identifies your system to the network.
     If you don't know what your hostname should be, consult your network
     administrator. If you are setting up your own home network, you can make
     something up here.
    Template: netcfg/hostname
    Type: string
    Description: for internal use; can be preseeded
     Hostname to set for the system; ignores names provided by DHCP or DNS.

 1. https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/netcfg/-/blob/master/debian/netcfg-common.templates

The preseed doc[2] suggests the former is behind the (bare) hostname
alias. Try setting the latter?

 2. https://www.debian.org/releases/bullseye/amd64/apbs02.en.html#preseed-aliases

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