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Re: Bug#980196: getting information about a failed installation

Control: reassign -1 debian-installer

On Vi, 15 ian 21, 13:22:07, Dave Dyer wrote:
> package: installer
> This applies to the current installer image
> debian-live-10.7.0-i386-cinnamon+nonfree.iso 
> running the current installer I got to "installation failed" 
> and went back to the main installer menu. There were three options
> listed under "save debug logs"
> 1) floppy
> 2) web
> 3) mounted file system
> #1 - gimmie a break. they're extinct.
> #2 - it says a web server was started, but no host is apparent at the
> quoted ip address - which is the one I assigned it earlier in the installation.
> One of the contributing causes to my installation failing was *probably* that the
> native wifi wasn't recognised, and the networking in the installer was nonfunctional.
> #3 - fails with a red screen background using the offered default /mnt 
> -at this point, the file system has been trashed and I have no idea
> what might be a valid file name other than /mnt.  From the shell, /mnt
> is reported as 100% full, so that could account for the failure.
> Later, I discovered that the info was *already* written to /var/logs/.
> That might have been nice to mention.  Or even offer to view them directly.
> --
> one of the choices in the installation menu is "check the integrity of the cdrom"
> nice idea, but this is a stick install, and trying the check anyway just complains
> about the absence of the cdrom.   Elsewhere in the installer, all the verbiage 
> uses "cd" o "cdrom" even though this was a memory stick install, so I had every
> reason to expect that "check integrity" was a reasonable thing to try.
> --
> Generally, the installer is the first point of contact that a newb would have with linux,
> and this interaction is a pretty awful introduction.

Reassigning to correct package.

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