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Re: Bug#980210: netinstaller installation fails at the "designate mirror" phase

Control: reassign -1 debian-installer

On Vi, 15 ian 21, 22:56:45, Dave Dyer wrote:
> package: installer
> debian-10.7.0-i386-netinst.iso
> This installation was attempted on an old x86 laptop, for which 
> the native wifi is non-functional without "non free" drivers. I
> worked around the wifi problem by using a usb wifi dongle, which
> configures and works correctly for the first part of the installation.
> However, at the point where "choose a mirror" is supposed to happen,
> all mirrors appear to be invalid.
> From a shell, I determined that the network has lost its gateway
> and dns service.
> My guess is that some network reset operation has happened, as
> part of the normal installation process, and in the process
> the nonfunctional native network hardware was selected instead of 
> the usb network.
> in any case, from this point it's possible to continue and 
> finish with a very minimal command line installation with
> no network.

Reassigning to correct package.

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