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Bug#971946: libdebian-installer: READSIZE size insufficient for cdebootstrap to build sid/unstable from buster/stable environment

Control: severity -1 grave

On Sat, 10 Oct 2020 14:57:28 +0400 Jonathan Stanley <jonrstanley@gmail.com> 
> Package: libdebian-installer
> Version: 0.119
> When using cdebootstrap from within buster/stable to create a rootfs for
> sid/unstable, it will fail with:
> W: parser_rfc822: Iek! Don't find end of value!
> E: Internal error: download
> Seems "64k ought to be enough for everyone" strikes again as this is
> functionally a dupe of Bug#554444 though it is now that a READSIZE of 65536
> in libdebian-installer/src/parser_rfc822.c is now insufficient. I
> downloaded the deb-src, updated READSIZE to 262144, debuild'ed it and
> installed it, cdebootstrap would then complete successfully for
> sid/unstable. My diff is:

I just ran into this issue as well and it's indeed the  same problem as bug 
#554444 which means that it is unable to install a Bullseye system.

Ran ~ the same script as mentioned in that bug:
$ curl -Ls https://deb.debian.org/debian/dists/bullseye/main/binary-amd64/
Packages.xz | xzcat | awk '{if($1=="Package:")pkg=$2;print length,pkg,$1;}'|
sort -nr|head -10
65652 librust-winapi-dev Provides:
11203 libc6-dbg Build-Ids:
9900 mono-devel Replaces:
9786 mono-devel Breaks:
9261 node-babel7 Provides:
8520 gstreamer1.0-libav Gstreamer-Elements:
7494 libmono-cil-dev Depends:
7180 nomad Built-Using:
6646 docker.io Built-Using:
6359 parl-desktop-world Depends:

It's just a couple of bytes (116 to be exact and it is yet again the same 
package that's causing the problem), but enough to make it fail.

As bug #554444 was set to severity grave, I've done it with this bug as well. 


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