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Bug#975524: task-lxqt-desktop: Should depend on nm-tray and blueman


thanks for looking into this.

"Amy Kos" <amy@disroot.org> wrote:
> > A default installation of lxqt does not include an applet for network management.
> You should have cmst (connman) installed. Works for bluetooth too.

Hmm, yes, cmst gets installed, when doing a installation and selecting the
lxqt-task-desktop task.
However, I see no "network-manager applet" - or whatever you call it - in the tray.
And in the "Configure Panel" dialog I also see no widget, that could be added for
network-manager or similar.

So, what to do here?
Any help for debugging?
Test installation was with bullseye-alpha3 d-i image.

> > I will add nm-tray to task-lxqt-desktop, if noone objects...
> task-lxqt-desktop already depends on lxqt metapackage which recommends
> cmst (connman) or nm-tray or network-manager-gnome or plasma-nm [or wicd].

So, nm-tray does not get installed automatically. That's ok, since cmst is 
installed instead.


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
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