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Bug#947085: cdebconf: Please omit cdebconf-{gtk,newt}-udeb on Ubuntu/i386

Package: cdebconf
Version: 0.250
Severity: minor
Tags: patch
User: ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com
Usertags: origin-ubuntu focal ubuntu-patch

Dear maintainers,

In Ubuntu, we are in the process of moving the i386 architecture to a
compatibility-only layer on amd64.  We are keeping cdebconf on i386 because
it is required by base-passwd, but cdebconf-{gtk,newt}-udeb are built from
this source package and depend on packages we otherwise have no reason to
keep around (rootskel-gtk, di-utils-terminfo).

We would like to drop these udebs rather than keeping them around in the
Ubuntu archive and uninstallable.  Would you please consider applying the
attached patch, or something like it, to omit building these binary packages
on Ubuntu?

Thanks for considering,
Steve Langasek                   Give me a lever long enough and a Free OS
Debian Developer                   to set it on, and I can move the world.
Ubuntu Developer                                   https://www.debian.org/
slangasek@ubuntu.com                                     vorlon@debian.org
diff -Nru cdebconf-0.250ubuntu1/debian/rules cdebconf-0.250ubuntu2/debian/rules
--- cdebconf-0.250ubuntu1/debian/rules	2019-10-19 22:42:28.000000000 -0500
+++ cdebconf-0.250ubuntu2/debian/rules	2019-12-20 11:54:42.000000000 -0600
@@ -21,6 +21,11 @@
 DEB_FRONTENDS=passthrough text newt gtk
 UDEB_FRONTENDS=passthrough text newt gtk
+ifeq ($(shell dpkg-vendor --is Ubuntu && echo yes) $(DEB_HOST_ARCH), yes i386)
+   UDEB_FRONTENDS:=$(filter-out gtk newt,$(UDEB_FRONTENDS))
+   skip_packages = -Ncdebconf-gtk-udeb -Ncdebconf-newt-udeb
 ifneq ($(filter pkg.cdebconf.nogtk,$(DEB_BUILD_PROFILES)),)
     DEB_FRONTENDS:=$(filter-out gtk,$(DEB_FRONTENDS))
     UDEB_FRONTENDS:=$(filter-out gtk,$(UDEB_FRONTENDS))
@@ -105,7 +110,7 @@
 	$(MAKE) -C $(debbuild) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/deb
 	$(MAKE) -C $(udebbuild) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/udeb
-	dh_install -a
+	dh_install -a $(skip_packages)
@@ -149,9 +154,9 @@
 	dh_makeshlibs -s --add-udeb=libdebconfclient0-udeb
 	dh_installdeb -s
 	dh_shlibdeps -s
-	dh_gencontrol -s
+	dh_gencontrol -s $(skip_packages)
 	dh_md5sums -s
-	dh_builddeb -s
+	dh_builddeb -s $(skip_packages)
 binary: binary-indep binary-arch
 .PHONY: build clean binary-indep binary-arch binary install

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