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"Expert" mode as DIAGNOSTIC tool during installation ??????

This post is prompted by several things:
  1. First time users of the Debian installer trying to describe
     their observed symptoms.
  2. Over five decades dealing with end-users in situations ranging from
     rejecting concrete for a new sidewalk to convincing to a bio-chem
     grad student that a NMR analysis required a larger sample than
     required for a mass spectrometer.
  3. Things I did as a neophyte TV tech in 1962 ;{


Is there *ANY* difference between a "default installation procedure" and an "expert install" where the response to all screens is pressing "Enter"?

My suggestion would be for the first time user employ "Expert" mode
*AND* record a one line description of the result for *EACH" press of the Enter key.

I believe this would have two benefits:
  1. Slow down the user so he actually perceives what he observes.
  2. Tell the reader what happened in a less ambiguous way.


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