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Re: Bug#941853: crypt(3) should be provided by libxcrypt


Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> (2019-10-07):
> Dear debian-boot: for the benefit of the ftpmasters, please confirm that 
> you have no objections to src:libxcrypt generating a libcrypt1-udeb 
> package (initially in experimental) which will provide crypt(3) 
> currently in the libc udeb.
> > I guess we should keep building libcrypt1 for the bi/tri-arch packages.
> What do I need to do about this?
> > > (Also, do not forget about the man pages in the -dev packages.)
> > The man page was not provided by the -dev package but by manpages-dev.
> Actually I see that it automatically stopped shipping crypt(3) and 
> crypt_r(3) in 5.01-1, so I will add Breaks+Replaces.
> > We must build the libcrypt1 udeb, and add a depends from libc6-deb to
> > libcrypt1-udeb, otherwise we might break d-i. At some point we might
> OK, I will start again building the udeb with the next upload.

Aurelien, Marco, do we need to anticipate any changes on the d-i side?

Or will that udeb addition just result in a new dependency from crypt-using
udebs to libcrypt1-udeb?

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